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*****Special Notice - Moira Lake Water Level****


Over the past two weeks, the water level in Moira Lake has risen some 15 inches or more.  For many who have already installed their docks, this may present problems.  Those affected are asked to take appropriate steps to safeguard their docks (and possibly their boats).   Quinte Conservation Authority have advised that as of today, June 17th, the level is still rising.  

They are monitoring the levels of the tributaries that flow into the Lake, and these are either steady or decreasing.  So long as we don't have more heavy downpours, they advise the Lake water level should drop starting next week.  The cement portion of the dock at the Kiwanis Boat Launch is currently under about 4 inches of water.  Please be extra careful if you use this dock.




Water Discharges from Deloro Clean-up Site

We received a letter from the Ministry of the Environment regarding discharges of wastewater and storm water at the Deloro clean-up site.  The letter is a report on the incidences.  As you will see from the report, these discharges do not represent a risk to wildlife or humans.  As has always been our advice to our members, we continue to recommend the water from the Lake, its inlets and outlet not be used for drinking.  To view the letter, please click on the link below.

Deloro Letter from the MOE - June 11, 2015



MLPOA 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Supporting the Central Hastings Support Network and the
Centre Hastings Disaster Relief Fund
Saturday, August 29th, 2015 at the West Highland Golf Course, Madoc.
This Tournament is open to the public.
For details and registration, please go to the EVENTS section of this web site.

One of our members has advised us that a correction is required to our 2015 Newsletter. Moira Lake has an exception to the Zone 18 Fishing Regulation.  For fishing and keeping Muskie, its minimum size must be over 102 cm (40 inches), and not 91 cm (36 inches) as reported in our Newsletter.  We thank our member for this correction.  [Update:  The on-line version of the newsletter, now available as a download below, has been corrected.]

Regatta 2015 Cancelled   

We regret to advise that the Municipality has had to cancel the 2015 Non-Motorized Regatta.  Unfortunately, not enough volunteers came forward.  This event requires considerable up-front planning and coordination.  The date for the Regatta would have been July 11th, and there is not enough time to organize the event between now and then.  Efforts will be made to attract more volunteers to see if this popular event can be offered again in 2016. The Municipality extends its thanks and appreciation to all who have volunteered their time and efforts in the past.
Your Lake Property on Film

A business called ecottagefilms has filmed Moira Lake.  Click the link to check out your property, or the entire Lake.

Do You Have any Old Photos of Moira Lake?  Care To Share?                

How about old stories too?  Mr. Gordon Pitts, accomplished writer, Senior Editor at the Toronto Globe & Mail, and a long-time member of the MLPOA, is keenly interested in writing a book that will document as much history as possible about Moira Lake and the many images and stories in and around this beautiful lake.  If so, please contact Grant Ketcheson at at your earliest convenience.
Of course, your pictures will be returned to you, and importantly, they may become part of this book!              
No Pictures, But Interested?                 

In writing this book, Mr. Pitts is not interested in making a profit, and will make this book available at his cost.  If you feel you would be interested in acquiring this book, please let Grant know at the above email address.  Thank You!


Newsletter 2015 Now Available Online

You can access the Full Colour, .PDF version online HERE.


 Important information about Recycling

The helpful Quinte Waste Solutions Recycling Tips and Reminders Brochure is available HERE.


Waterfront Property Owners' Resources

Our friends at the Quinte Conservation Authority have assembled a collection of interesting and important topics relating to waterfront property owners.  Do you want to know what you can and cannot do to the shoreline?  Do you have questions concerning septic systems, well maintenance, working on the shoreline? Then go to this LINK.



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