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  "Moira Memories - The Life and Times of a Lake"
As you may well be aware, this book by Gordon Pitts has been a tremendous success with over 400 now being enjoyed by both members and non-members of our Association. 

Orders continue to trickle in, and we expect the demand will increase as the Christmas season approaches.  More books will be ordered from the printer.  But how many? 

As this new order for books may well be the final one, we are asking those who still want books to contact Grant Ketcheson at or at 613-473-4680, and to do so by no later than Friday, October 7th, 2016.  Thank You!
  2016 MLPOA/Lions Club Charity Golf Tournament
We are delighted to report that this super-fun event, held on August 27th, was a huge success, not only for the golfers, but most importantly for the Centre Hastings Skate Park.  Net proceeds from the event were an amazing $2,160.00.  How cool is that?  The MLPOA half of the proceeds were donated to the Skate Park on Wednesday, September 21st, with Dale Noble, Golf Committee Chair, handing over a cheque for $1,080.00 to Charles Gordon, Centre Hastings Park Ambassador.  The Lions Club cheque was presented to Charles earlier this month.  Awesome!
Congratulations to Dale Noble and her team of volunteers for organizing such a fantastic tournament.  Thank you so very much!  We couldn't have had a better day, and the event ran flawlessly. 
The winning team with a score of 11 under par -  Joe and Anne Kaehler, Sean Gawley, Brian Smith, Karen Reid and Jim Boyle.
Lady closest to the pin - Dorothy Lutton
Gentleman closest to the pin - Bill Graham

Quinte Conservation Authority has issued a Low Water Advisory. They advise us that we have received 70% of average rainfall for the last 3 months and 40% of average rainfall for the month of May.  Flows in the Moira River are very low and it will take a take a significant amount of rain to improve this situation. Some lakes in the area have reached the lower end of the summer range already.


The buoys in Moira Lake are placed there by individuals and by the Moira Lake Property Owners Association.  The placements of the buoys and the identification of rocks and other potential hazards are done on a 'best efforts' basis only.  These individuals and the Moira Lake Property Owners Association assume no responsibility for any and all damages associated with operating watercraft on Moira Lake, its inflows and its outflows. Boaters are warned to operate their watercraft at their own risk.


Ministry of Natural Resources

Broad-scale Monitoring Program

Monitoring the health of Ontario’s inland lakes

Download the poster for more information, and the letter from the Ministry.

Notice from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

"If you’re on the lake while it is being monitored and see MNRF buoys, please don’t lift the nets or buoys, and avoid recreational activities or anchoring between and around the buoys. All MNRF nets are clearly marked with orange buoys bearing the Ontario logo. Nets are checked and moved to a new location every day...." 
Download the attachment for the full notice.
The 2016 MLPOA Newsletter Now Available Online

You can access the Full Colour, PDF version online HERE.


 Important information about Recycling
The helpful Quinte Waste Solutions Recycling Tips and Reminders Brochure is available HERE.

Waterfront Property Owners' Resources

Our friends at the Quinte Conservation Authority have assembled a collection of interesting and important topics relating to waterfront property owners.  Do you want to know what you can and cannot do to the shoreline?  Do you have questions concerning septic systems, well maintenance, working on the shoreline? Then go to this LINK.



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